As their is a news in media, and all other social media networking sites about the condition of Delhi, the rapid increasing of the smog in air which immediately results in allergy,  Breathlessness, Chest constriction, Irritation in eyes, Asthma etc.

Source of pollution

The current majority of analysis sources are hinting towards colder weather, stagnant winds trapping the various sources of smoke. The primary sources of smoke are stubble burning, lit garbage, road dust, power plants, factories, and vehicles.


Air quality can be measured by the amount of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulates suspended in air. On Nov 7, 2017 the PM 2.5 levels in Delhi shot up to 999, much above the recommended 60 micro-grams. At the same time PM 10 shot to 999 (the maximum level for the monitors), instead of the recommended limit of 100.

Again on 8 November 2017 the PM 2.5 levels shot up to 449 (recommended is 60 micrograms). At the same time PM 10 shot to 663.


The government of Delhi as well as other social and national NGO’s  has continuously make efforts in reducing the pollution. But the over smartness of some gentlepeople are avoiding the efforts and helping the pollution for increasing their percentage. The main reason behind the air pollution is laziness. The human being wants all the comforts which they want and they never think about the other people and the nature. They all are selfish (including you and me). Let us think what you have given to nature first time.

Social Media Buzz

The social media just got an amazing news to create a whole new memes after this report, have a look at some of them..

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