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Every now and then freshers as well as managers come around this completely weird formal documentation of the works flow that is needed to be submitted into a very short period of time that is PROCESS DOCUMENT.

So lets try to have a look at what actually is a Process Document?

As described by LucidChart:

A process document outlines the steps necessary to complete a task or process. It is an internal, ongoing documentation of the process while it is occurring—documentation cares more about the “how” of implementation than the “what” of process impact. A business is essentially a group of interrelated processes, and if these processes aren’t in writing, breakdowns can occur. Companies have repeatable processes fundamental to their successful operation, thus process documentation serves as a crucial guide for employees and managers to reference.

Process flowchart


Process document can very from position to position or from department to department.

Have a look at this Process Document Infographic to understand the process to be covered.

process document


Stages of Process Documentation

Analysis: Analysis is generally based on the on-going project. It involves all the required analysis that needed to be done for the project to be completed.

Objective: On the basis of analysis done further objective is defined, so it gets clear that what actually the project is about.

Strategy & Tactics:  The strategy and tactics are defined in a document, pdf or presentation form so that the further step that should be taken can e well versed.

Action & Control:  Actions according to the strategy made are recorded in this process, so that the management can have complete record of the process that are being done.

Monitor: Monitoring of the processes are recorded in this process so that the effectiveness of the processes can be done.


As we’ve already covered, process documentation is something that any business or corporation can benefit from. At the very least, it makes sure that the know-how of the process isn’t lost due to an employee quitting. At best, it can be essential in carrying out a business process improvement initiative.

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