With the launch of internet, nobody has ever thought that it will become an important part of everything, that is from world security to connecting to education.

With the time explorers found ways of earning money from it, and now it is the source of livelihood of more families than the government employees. The number of websites have drastically increased from the year 2011.
This is the year when the concept of blogging came up in the world of internet. Websites like blogger and wordpress made it really simple of the user to create and introduce their blogs to the world.

More the 30000 blogs were written each day on internet and 65% were written on wordpress itself.
More than 70% of websites on the internet today are made on WordPress. But what is there that makes the WordPress so Popular?internet

  • WordPress was launched in 2005 on free GPL license, means that it is free of cost but charges are only for domain and hosting.
  • WordPress is simple, flexible and really easy to manage.
  • It allows easy theme system and extended plugins that can easily be modified according to the user requirement.
  • It allows the latest libraries system for the developers too.

Websites like Envato and Webdesigner Depot also came to the wordpress market that provided wordpress premium themes and plugins for both users and developers.

Envato elements provide the best collection of wordpress plugins, themes and psd’s to create a best of the website.

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